It is true! Every gardener knows how good it is to feed your garden with good natural compost, and horse manure is up there with the best. Many gardeners swear by it, they will tell you how it:

• Adds nutrients to the soil
• Is a great source of nitrogen
• Improves soil structure
• Encourages healthy soil microorganisms
• Moderates soil pH

However, having a huge pile of fresh horse manure delivered to your door is not everyone’s cup of tea.
What if you live in an apartment? what if you only have a patio of small garden? What if you don’t want a pile or (sack) of fresh pongy horse poo outside your back door?

The answer is manure tea. It’s odour-free, clean, simple to handle and use, and all the yucky dirty work of turning this foul-smelling nitrogen and potassium dynamite into a liquid feed is done for you. All you have to do is:

• Pop a teabag into 1 to 5 gallons (23Litres) of water
• Cover and leave to brew for 2 days
• Give a stir now and again if you wish
• Pour into a watering can and off you go

By carefully keeping the manure pile at temperature, for a specific time, under managed conditions rogue pathogens, weed seeds and smell are killed-off as the manure pile heats up leaving a nutrient rich mixture high in nitrogen and potassium good for helping leaf growth.

We believe applying manure tea will result in happier, healthier plants and it’s definitely worth brewing up some for your garden.