First of all: once your manure tea has been brewed use it as soon as possible. This allows you to get the maximum benefit from its nutrient content.

Unlike fresh horse manure, which as well as burning your plants, can potentially introduce pathogens and weed seeds to your soil, properly composted horse manure has had all these unwanted elements neutralised during the composting process.

Pop a teabag into 1 to 5 gallons (4 to 22Litres) of water, cover and leave to brew for 2 days. You may want to give it a little stir every now and then while it is brewing. The result is a rich, golden brown, liquid feed.

You can apply your brew with an ordinary watering can or give your plants a misting with a foliar spray.

Many plants absorb moisture through their leaves, so manure tea is a great way to give houseplants a nutrient boost.

Avoid storing any leftover tea for more than a couple of days. If you do need to hold some back then store it in a jar with a lid.
Give your own garden compost pile a nitrogen boost by pouring it directly onto the pile. Compost piles need nitrogen to balance out carbon items such as dried leaves and dried grass.

Once you have reused your teabag a couple of times you can just add it to your compost pile if you have one. That way nothing is wasted.