Jamie Oliver might not use it! And don’t try asking for it down your local café, but whatever you call it, poo tea, poop soup or manure tea, it has been a favourite of gardeners for centuries. Horse manure tea in particular is a nutrient-rich elixir and my favourite.

Yes, there are other types of manure; cow, rabbit, chicken and pig to name but a few. Yes, you can make your own manure compost if you have ready access to some nice fresh manure but collecting it and hot composting it is not everyone’s cuppa tea.

I don’t want to go round picking up horse manure!
Some gardeners love to get down and dirty with manure but it is smelly, its need time and care to compost properly and it will have seeds and perhaps even pathogens in it. There is an easy way however which is means you can get all that goodness and still have sweet smelling hands. Horse manure tea; It’s odour-free, 100% natural, no antibiotics, no lingering pathogens or weed seeds and will not burn your plants and if that is not enough you just have to pop a teabag in 1-5 gallons of water, leave it for 2 days and your good to go.

It is as simple as that!